The following are projects that BSharp Technology is currently working on.



Showcasing React Native Capability

Status: Production / In Market. 

A mobile application built with react-native for both IOS and Android that helps kindergarten child to read. This project was used as a mechanism to learn more about react-native and it's the ability to provide a modular component-based software design. React-native enables one code based to produce both IOS and Android mobile apps. Please note the IOS app is yet to be published.

Get it on Google Play


Making mobile apps simplier and affordable for business

This project is currently in development and is creating a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for small to medium business to enable them to create a mobile app with no coding knowledge. The system will use a core set of reusable modules, combined with style templates and customer business media to create unique applications using common building blocks. This service will be provided on a subscription basis. We are currently in early prototype stages, but if you are interested in getting involved or would like your business to be considered for alpha/beta testing, please contact us.

Secret Santa API

A Node.js app with Express API server and React UI

Status: MVP released - First Released Sept 2019


Secret Santa API is a simple Express API backend server and a React  UI Frontend Client that enables people to organise a Secreta Santa or Kris Kringle amongst their friends, work for colleagues or family.

It's now online and available here -->